SocksChief Animal Therapist


    Socks makes sure we’re on track with our work. He attends our meetings, pays each of us a visit at our desks every now and then, and keeps an eye out for delinquents. If you come in late for work, you owe Socks a kitty snack or you’re in for a tough day.

    Given his hectic work schedule, it is imperative that he get sufficient rest; something you will find him doing a lot. We make sure to check our seats carefully before sitting down, lest we squash Socks.

    The future of depends on him.


    • Strategic ‘meow’ delivery
    • Fur ball management
    • Sneak-attack implementation
    • Optimized naps w/ snooze functionality
    • Certified ‘don’t mess with me’ look
    Digital Marketing Specialist