Atchariya AsawawutSenior Quality Assurance Engineer


    Meet Atchariya (Air), our talented senior QA specialist with a diverse background of over 13 years in multiple industries including banking, insurance and consumer products. She is an expert in automated testing and creating granular test cases that weed out the sneakiest of bugs. Aside from work, you will usually find Air working hard preparing the itinerary of her next exciting journey to an exotic, less travelled part of the world. Or, occasionally, you might just catch her modelling for her friends (no autographs please!)

    I love the balanced work environment at BCL, which allows me to really focus on my work while also having fun with my team. The best part of working at BCL is that I get to be part of many different kinds of projects where I’m always learning about new industries, giving me many opportunities to improve my craft at every step.


    • Automated Testing (SpecFlow + Selenium)
    • SQL
    • Occasional modelling (no autographs please)
    Co Founder Of a Bangkok Based Blockchain developing cutting edge software solutions in blockchain, AI, app technology.New Bangkok Based Senior Software Developer working at Blockchain becoming part of our development team working to develop high-quality software