Online lottery with a positive social impact

The biggest challenge facing cryptocurrency today is the limited number of use cases. While many people hold crypto, there are very few options to actually use them. We decided to change that.




The total market cap for crypto today stands at roughly USD 100 billion (as of Jan 2019). While that is a substantial amount in itself, the real challenge lies in providing a meaningful use of for all the crypto that’s lying stashed in wallets and exchanges. There are very few instances where you can use your crypto to purchase goods and services.

The most feasible thing to do then is to trade your cryptos on exchanges and become a speculator. That said, not all of us are good at trading in this fashion, and many of us have faced losses.

  • Unused tokens and cryptos
  • Limited use cases
  • Low market movement
  • Low ROI



In order to encourage market movement in the crypto space, we need a use case that is easy to adopt, has the potential to multiply your crypto, and offers a degree of fun and satisfaction.

Introducing BlockIt!, a blockchain lottery to make use of your cryptos. BlockIt! has been designed to ensure that winnings are returned to as many participants as possible. On each draw, a large portion of the participants get to multiple their crypto, while a majority of the participants simply get their money back.

Those who “lose”, still add value to the system however, as their winnings go directly to a charity of their choice. You can rest assured that even if you don’t win in the traditional sense, you still provide a huge benefit to those who really need help.

  • Fair, transparent lottery, donating 10% to charity
  • Fun, engaging way to put crypto to use
  • Stimulate market movement
  • Substantial winnings


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