Removing the need to prove that it’s really you

Our most ambitious project yet, BioPort is a framework that combines blockchain and biometric data to provide a robust and irrefutable digital identity management system. 



Your identity is important. Today, we carry passports, drivers licenses, national IDs, credit cards, and a host of other means of identifying ourselves. Lose your passport, and you can’t travel; lose your driver’s license, and you can’t drive.

While we have been successful in adding many layers of security to our identities, we have also made it highly complicated. At almost every interaction with other entities, you must prove who you are, even to the government that gave you your identity in the first place.

The traditional method of maintaining and verifying identities still carries nuisance and risk:

  • Unnecessary, repetitive documentation 
  • Highly time consuming
  • Hindrance to free flow of travel
  • High risk of identity theft
  • High risk of document and data loss

2. Digital Identity Solution

Enter BioPort, your identity based on your biometric data, stored on the blockchain. We envision a future where you can take trips across the world without having to carry a passport, open a bank account without having to provide copies of documents.

With this platform, you get full control over who can access your identity information, and to what extent they can do so. Allow government entities to access your personal and travel information when applying for visas; allow medical institutions to access your medical history so they can provide you with the best care, fast.


These are just a few examples of how we see identity being managed in the future. BioPort acts as the foundation for countless use-cases, and the ecosystem involves different modules that run on this platform. Each module is connected to the users identity and serves a unique purpose.

Moreover your experience is greatly enhanced while interacting with other entities:

  • Biometrics and documents digitized
  • Digitize visa and immigration 
  • Swift and painless identity verification
  • Free flow of travel
  • Individual has full control
  • Identity theft is virtually impossible
  • Identity loss is impossible


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