A platform that brings together chefs, venues and diners

Our client is a group of seasoned chefs and industry professionals that wanted to create new food experiences for customers by enabling chefs and venues to host unique events. They came to the right people for help.




Host guests at your place, with dinner prepared by a chef offering an exotic cuisine from a different part of the world. Plan your trips around the world, and taste authentic ethnic dishes, not just at popular restaurants but at venues with an intimate home-style setting, prepared from home-grown, organic ingredients.

With customers’ ever-increasing focus on unique food experiences, healthy diets, and responsible dining, the standardized restaurant model will have to change. A shift towards carefully curated menus is evident, with customers’ desire to eat what they want, when they want, all while contributing to sustainable dining.



We designed a platform that helps customers easily find, and chefs to offer, unique food experiences, whether in their home town or while travelling across the world.

  • Enables young chefs to showcase their art: As a Chef you can plan your food tour across regions by looking up venues that offer space for setting up your curated dining experiences, making your creations available to the world.
  • Gives diners access to a world of experiences: As a diner, you get to choose from a wide variety of food experiences wherever you are.
  • Reputation builds credibility: Build your reputation as a chef, a diner or a venue by providing highest quality and meeting expectations every time. Higher reputation means access to special perks and benefits.


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