Making real estate easy as pie

Our client envisioned a unique experience for buyers / renters by bringing them together with sellers and agents on one platform using conversation as the main interaction.

The idea was ambitious, and the vision was grand. We loved it!




With real estate websites a-plenty, the real challenge comes down to the customer’s experience in the home finding process.

  • Many times, the listings are out of date, incorrect or just plain click-baits, resulting in a high degree of drop-offs and reduced user confidence.
  • Other times the agents may over-promise or may not possess the right skills for the property/customer in question.

The customer’s experience also largely depends on how easy search function is, which in many cases leaves gaps in the process, giving results that don’t directly meet



We designed an app that flips the model and focuses on:

  • Conversation-based search experience using the latest A.I. tech: Get past the mundane search filters and parameters by engaging the customer in a meaningful conversation. The proprietary bot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to quickly capture what customers are looking for, while keeping it simple.
  • Careful curation of property listings and agents: Listings and agents must complete due process before being onboarded.
  • Robust reputation system: Gamifies the experience for agents, where responsiveness, service and responsible conduct is rewarded. Feedback from all stakeholders is weighted and influences each user’s reputation either directly or indirectly.


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