5 Ways To Prepare Your Company For Blockchain & AI

5 Ways To Prepare Your Company For Blockchain & AI

Many people enjoying staying up to date with advances in software development. Self-directed study on Blockchain, AI, Chatbots, and app development can be rewarding and it’s exciting to envision how your industry could utilize this tech. However often the transition from understanding to implementation can be a large leap. Software Consultants can help develop a route map into the future giving you expert, reliable and impartial advice on how best to drive your industry, company and development team forward. 

Here we look at 5 ways you can prepare yourself for future software developments and how to plot out your route to implementation.

1. Definitions – What Is The Blockchain?

Defining technology terms clearly

Consultants in Bangkok Can Help Define Tech Terms Accurately

The first step is to ensure you are fully aware of the real-world definition of technology. Blockchain, for example, has in some ways become a buzzword. Its real-world implementation will be hugely significant on the way the data is used across the world however understanding how and why, is a different matter. 

Understanding what the technology really means, what it is and isn’t capable of, Is crucial to being able to fully conceptualize it. Understanding the backend of any tech, its intended use, is the first step to being able to adopt it. 

Definitions can be difficult to pin down when there is so much conflicting information online. Bangkok, Thailand is a great place to source this knowledge. There are many reliable forums and Blockchain exchange events in the city. However, it is important to listen, speak with and ask questions of experts in the field. Talking to people, like blockchainlabs.ai consultants, who have real-world experience of building blockchain, AI, and app solutions, is the fastest and most detailed route to gaining an understanding of the tech.

2. Where Are Your Competition Going?

From learning what a technology is the next step is understanding its real-world uses. Looking around at what other sectors are doing is a great start. Understanding what others in your sector are doing, creating and implementing is even better. 

Gaining a comprehensive view of how technologies, such as AI and Blockchain, will be used by your competitors is a huge advantage to route mapping your next steps. This can often be a grueling task. Taking the tech and turning that into an actual application can be a difficult task. Especially when the pressure is on to stay ahead in your market. 

gain an advantage over cometition with outsourced consultants

A Consultant provides an overview of your industries current tech progress

An outsourced consultancy team already have this knowledge complied. At blockchainLabs.ai, for example, we have banks of research and experience. This knowledge keeps us up to date with what is going on in any industry. We can then cross-reference that with other, similar markets and be able to provide you with a detailed, birds-eye view of your industry. Bangkok and South East Asia is a vibrant and competitive place, software consultants can give you the knowledge to stay ahead and guide you away from dead ends.

3. Planning Your Blockchain Implementation


Consultants give their expert experience and help you avoid dead ends, delayed deadlines and overspending. Take the stress out of this planning stage by asking experts how they think a build should go.

Designing a plan or mapping out the steps to implementation is an exciting but dangerous task. Without the knowledge of the intricate complexities of individual development components, it is hard to know what parts will take time or where you will need additional resources to ensure a smooth transition. Another key factor is knowing how to integrate your already existing systems. The plan you design at this stage needs to be robust and detailed to ensure your team stay on track and to budget.


planning a route to adoption of blockchain tech

Consultants provide a clear route to future tech implementation

Consultants are almost crucial at this stage. Blockchainlabs.ai have seen many Bangkok based companies who have not created a workable route. The may have miss judged the amount of time or resource a build will need. These kinds of mistakes lead to huge delays, overspending, and pressure being put on your team from above. Consultants give their expert experience and help you avoid dead ends, delayed deadlines and overspending. Take the stress out of this planning stage by asking experts how they think a build should go.

4. Preparing And Sourcing Your Software Development Team

A motivated and knowledgeable team is crucial to a smooth build and transition. Your in-house team needs to understand the reasons and use of the technology. They also need to be excited and confident in the change. Blockchainlabs.ai Consultancy can help inspire and drive change, while offering comprehensive and engaging workshop programs that are customized to fit your industry and needs. 

Your build may well need outsourced teams also. Ensuring that the outsource partner is on board and passionate about your build is crucial to its smooth implementation. The outsourced company should also fit well within the working environment meaning innovation and communication is easy and constant. Finding the right team that can build or add to what you’re in house team are doing can be hard. Consultants will be able to research and recommend partners that will fit your build perfectly. They already have relationships with companies taking the stress out of the hunt for a reliable team. 

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5. Find Ongoing And Accessible Support

At any point in a process, from definition to completion, its always important to have someone with experience on hand to offer advice and direction. Ensuring you have a trusted and knowledgeable extended team is the difference between a smooth, rewarding development process and a stressful leap into the unknown. 


Outsourced hand filling the gap to implementation

Consultants can offer support to bridge the gap to AI and Blockchain Technology

Technology such as Blockchain and AI can be an exciting implementation for any organization. It can create more efficient work processes, trust, and user experiences. It can be a company declaring to the world they are ready and excited for the future. Blockchainlabs.ai have seen many Bangkok companies transition be a stress-free and transformative time. 


If you want to know more about future technologies such as Blockchain, AI, chatbots or App development then you can read our blogs here or contact us here at our site. We are excited to with you and map your way to the future.